Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yesterday's Yardsale

Well, yesterday was the ESA Surf Swap and Swell here in our very own Mckevlin's Parking lot.

While a lot of the merchandise was surf related, it looks like a few people snuck in one or two items that didn't quite meet the surf criteria.

... like this awesome ancient mask.

Unfortunately not all the surf related stuff was benevolent as is illustrated by these obvious pop-out Maverix short boards or as the tag says "Blue/Azul Shortboard."

I knew a few people would try to sneak something like this in. Next time we will have to save up to hire Slurry Jones for anti pop-out duty.


djjahd said...

this was a great idea... whomever came up with it... maybe on sundays would be cooler... the random things are hilarious though...

Lost Boy said...

Tried to come out mid afternoon, but made a U turn on Folly Road when the traffic was backed up almost to the Fire station. Looks like I didn't miss much, is a great idea. Maybe it will build momentum with surfers and surf related items when the word gets out. Lets try again.

grumpy local said...

good times..watching the back lot parking Nazi flip out was the best part.

I threw rocks at the portolet when he went inside and he was cussing up a storm.... I could get away with it since he's my buddy...Birds of a Feather!

Anonymous said...

It was pretty good for a first time effort. Hopefully it helped some people get some cash infusion for the P.R. regionals.

Would like to see it again before summer, with a little better turn out from people with gear. Although, there was a good effort by those who did show up.

Maybe next time at the new Folly park? The dirt parking lot was a bit iffy and if more people do show, it's gonna be a tight fit.