Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Troubled times

I know we are all tired of hearing about our recessed economy, but everyday it seems the affects are more and more apparent. A recent example can be found in the branching out of surf company sponsorship to other avenues of industry.

One of the most engaging illustrations is Lost's recent sponsorship of Duane Lee Chapman, member of the crime fighting family of justice seeking bounty hunters led by the legendary Dog himself.

Here is Duane readying himself for the taxing task ahead, cautious yet confident in Lost's Ready Wear Bounty Gear.

The ventilation of Lost's breathable jersey allows Duane to stay cool in hot pursuit. With this revolutionary Cool Hunt technology Duane is able to grip his paint ball gun tight with sweat free hands.

Lost's New Ready Wear Bounty Gear will be available at Mckevlin's soon. Be sure to make reservations NOW!


Lost Boy said...

Another celeb that rocks Lost clothing is the famous Hulkster...Hulk Hogan. He was frequently seen sporting Lost Tee shirts in his past reality show "Hogan knows best". Yeah, I did watch a few episodes...his daughter is smoking and I hear she likes to run around in the nude at her condo in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly the kid surfs.... so there's your cross marketing connection.

Drew said...

Surfs... and keeps ice out of paradise!

Anonymous said...

It's ...Lost.

djjahd said...

i could use one of those jerseys'... so i can show off my sweet barbedwire armband tattoo... and paintball guns are awesome... and the Hulk's dughter has really nice legs....i mean music.