Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dane Reynolds: Awful Hipster or Awesome Surfer

I don't have a problem with disheveled looking people. If you can't afford showers or laundry then I understand. What does push me towards annoyance is when this "style" is purposefully and painstakingly sought after. Dane Reynolds has a lot of money, and I assume (because his job is going on surf trips) time. So why does he dress like a homelessmen? 

On the other hand, he surfs better than most, and by most I mean about 99.8% of surfers. Look at him swooping around with his eagle wing stance. He doesn't have to drive to work or compete in contests yet still makes a sh!t load of money. With all of this time and money, what does he do? He tries to look like a bum.

What do you think about ole D.R.? Awful Hipster, awesome surfer, or both?
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the spirit of small waves...

... We decided to show a longboard movie. Why get everyone pumped to surf good waves when the only thing on the menu is windchop this Saturday and maybe the same this afternoon? The movie premiere is free and will feature a live preformance from Justin James & Co., who have a few songs in the movie. The fun begins at 8:00pm on the Thurs. the 19th.