Friday, April 03, 2009

Double Helix

We got a shipment of Channel Islands in the other day including this Proton with double helix glassing from the future.

They took a stringer less PU blank (found in most traditional surfboards) and glassed it with epoxy resin adding a secret formula wrap around the rails. The lack of stringer is compensated by the strength given from the "helix" wrapped rails.

I wonder if the new glassing will keep those fin plugs from tearing out.

Because the board does not have a traditional stringer, the rails give the board a more natural torsional (twist) flex pattern resulting in more drive (theoretically).

The Double Helix board production material doesn't seem too wildly revolutionary. The strength is comparable to any epoxy board but the PU foam will absorb water unlike the closed cell foam found in XTR glassed boards. I guess we'll have to see how they ride.

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