Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LINES newsletter related...

...it's hard to stay out of the mall when you got a big ass house payment:

“We’re excited to bring Rusty’s rich surf heritage to one of the nation’s leading department stores,” said Toby Bost, chief executive officer, La Jolla Group. “Rusty has been a core surf brand for 25 years, and has one of the most recognizable logos in the industry. The Rusty collection for JCPenney will offer authentic, beach-inspired products that appeal to a diverse, "aspirational and highly impressionable"(WTF?) young audience. We’re stoked to add JCPenney to our growing list of premiere retail partners, while enhancing our growth at the core level.”

"The R dot logo will stay in the core market, while a crown logo, above, will be the exclusive mark for Penney's"

I posted this for the benefit of all the core guys and girls out there. I would hate to see you lose all those years you put in being core just vanish into thin air when you rock up to the main peak at the Washout and someone says "Yeah holmes, RUSTY reprensentin', and then they notice the "crown logo" instead of the "R." Bang, just like that, your surfing 1oth block again. It's a harsh reality, but sh*t is real.

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Lost Boy said...

Shit, I'm going back to the really old days when surfers wore Levi jeans and a white tee shirt with the occassional local surfboard shapers name on the back.

Anonymous said...

surfing done in the water.
all the bs on the beach ,clothes ,etc ,is cause we can't surf 24 hours a day.
Whatever all these clothing companies do don't mean a rats patootie to me.
I know surfing's big business these days ,but I don't work in a surf shop.

djjahd said...

Just another reason to buy local hommies.... I am little too old to be impressionable... but i can see some wal mart surf wax next...

Anonymous said...

Rusty, Quicksilver, Billabong whatever who cares. If you are a kook in the water you are a kook on land. It does not matter what brand you have on. Does it really matter if you are a kook. I remember starting out surfing 12th street and washout. Yeah I sucked ,but it was fun. Learning to surf was a good time too. All the guys here at folly that think they are pro's. Well its Folly beach. Nobody is going pro from here. Most likely. We might have some good surfers, but come on its Folly. Unless they do some major traveling its not happening. Anyway my point is pull up to washout wearing a wife beater and sporting a mullit ang go surf. Have some fun. Who cares about all that other crap.