Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flooded Folly

I pulled up to work this morning and managed to park on an elevated sand bar in the parking lot. I had to take off my shoes to wade up to the front steps which lied in about 18 inches of water. There was no power and we couldn't open the shop so I walked through the water to the pier and checked the surf. It was flat.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The unquotable...

A lot of "hard-hitting" news comes out of the Charleston's Post & Courier, especially around "Hurricane season." With Tropical Storm Bret (only one T in Bret, like it's namesake Bret Michaels) churning up the waters of the Atlantic, the Post & Courier reached out to the experts for the analysis. But it turns out, unless you have some fancy title like "meteorologist" (who get paid to make accurate weather analysis 50% of the time) rest assured they won't be reaching into their bags of quotation marks for you.

McKevlin's own "title-less" Drew Getsinger gets the paraphrase treatment, here. The first sentence is perhaps the most shocking...