Monday, April 20, 2009

2 demos for the price of one!!!

Going left?

Well the ...LOST surfboard demo went off last Saturday in 2-3 foot side-offshore waves at the Folly Beach Pier with much success. The fact that there was waves was a miracle in itself, but to actually get some "Washout only" guys down to the pier for a little bit was truly the work of a higher power. All in all, I was glad to see everyone that came out, even Grumpy Local, and most found a board they fell in love with. There was even a Mexican standoff for the 5'11" RNFQ which was settled by a best-of-3 coin toss in which the loser ended up winning the board due to the winner's random act of kindness. I'm actually writing a screenplay about it, stay tuned. I'm thinking about casting Anthony Osment in the role of the guy who didn't show up because it was too windy for his hair.

Out of the 9 demo boards, only 4 are left and they're ridiculously cheap for the condition they're in: surfed for 3 hours and $200 less than new!
  • 5'4" RNFQ with color on deck: $370 -Futures Fins
  • 5'7" RNF: $360 - FCS - I rode it, and it's a sick one. Helped me adjust to the "power" of Folly's waves very nicely.
  • 6'2" Monkfish: $340 - Lokbox glass fins (that I personally donated) Matt Biolos' personal board.
  • 6'4" Stealth: $370 - FCS (I think) Another of Matt's personal boards, double-wing swallow tail.
Call the shop if you want to put one on hold or have other questions, don't forget about McKevlin's layaway program. (843) 588-2247

So the demo was sooooo much fun, I decided to have another. This time it was my sister's car, and it was more of a demo-lition. Totally totaled. Next time someone stops traffic with their vehicle and waves you out to make a turn, and traffic is backed up beyond the double yellow line that leads to the turning lane, don't go. Not even after looking both directions twice, because some d-bag in typical Charleston real estate/golf attire will go over the double yellow line into the turning lane and try to make the light so he's not late for his 10:27 tee time at Shadowmoss and t-bone your ass, but it will be your fault for not yielding to traffic. Nothing beats paying out a $500 deductible when you lost your job a couple weeks ago.

Well I think it's some kind of holiday, so go celebrate if you're bro-brah irie irie.


Anonymous said...

typical d-bag totals his sister's car and then blames the guy he pulled out in front of.

boo hoo.

Ian... said...

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Anonymous said...


Your humor is refreshing. Nothing like a real estate sellin, golf playin' d-bag to ruin a prefectly good driving experience.

Lost Boy said...

Ian's new nick name shall be "T-Bone" the way, any update on Drew's condition?

Ian... said...

Yeah, he still can't type with his leg.

follydude said...

i like the duct tape.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Ian... said...

Thanks for the new nickname, but I'm sorry I can't accept. One of my nicknames, besides D-bag, is E-bone, or Bones, or Boneman.

I worked with a guy named T-bone back in Asbury Park, NJ in the early 90's. Real badass, but good to have on your side, especially when 6 kids jump you for $1, and you don't want to give it up. Gosh, I miss Asbury Park, almost as much as Bruce Springsteen does.

If T-bone new that someone was trying to give his nickname to someone he once called lil' whitey, I'm sure he'd get a good laugh out of it.