Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Fools...

...sorry, there will be no SUP demo, unless Paul Martin shows up. Here's the real scoop. I hand-picked 9 ...Lost surfboards from their warehouse in San Clemente, and not just stuff I wanted to ride. I've grabbed stuff for the big guys and everyone in between. This is your chance to ride before you buy, and all of these surfboards will be for sale at a friendly reduced price after the demo.

5'4" Round Nose Fish Quad - Futures fins
5'7" Round Nose Fish Thruster - FCS fins
5'8" Rocket - FCS fins
5'11" Round Nose Fish Quad - FCS fins
6'0" Stealth/Rocket w/ glass-on fins - One of the 1st of its kind, more Stealth than Rocket
6'2" Monk Fish - LokBox Quad - Matt Biolos' personal board
6'3" 5-Fin Shark Swallow Parabolic stringer XTR - FCS fins
6'4" Stealth - FCS Tri-fin - Matt Biolos' personal board
6'4" Monk Fish - FCS Quad fin

I can't wait to catch up with most of you, especially anonymous. Come down early, bring me some donuts, or that money you owe me. I have this gut feeling the waves are going to be all-time on Saturday.


Lost Boy said...

And I was all stoked to be a world champion SUPer. Damn, I sure was looking forward to that cover shot on Super SUPer Magazine.

Anonymous said...

hah! take that grumpy kook!

grumpy local said...

Do you have to be buying in order ride?

Ian... said...

Of course not Grumpy, I just want to see your face.

Havericks02 said...

Yeah "anonymous".
or "annoying-mouse" may be better suited...

Most likely, you are probably the 17 year old child of some folks from Ohio. Nothing better to do than lie around, haggling folk via the internet, like any weaker opponent does, never face to face, with one hand on the mouse and most likely bopping your baloney with the other.

Didn't see you at the swap...maybe you were out flailing your SUP about?