Thursday, December 04, 2008

request for fair wages causes popout factory to close its doors... here... is nice, but will it last past Monday? Click here too. I dropped in on the guy who wrote this today.


Ian... said...

"it's jerome from france, i don't like popup, i bought one and didnt
surf it to buy another clark one.
the major problem is tha you dont know if there is water inside board
and when you surf clark you must
have to respect it and don't surf it like a bear so your surf level
goes up!"

I couldn't agree more Jerome.

Havericks02 said...

FINALLY! Justice...

A big FU Q to Cobra, Surph-Tek and their "affiliates"..

Hope they shut down or the Thai folk get angry enough to light the place on fire!

And Ian, we are finally gettin' some swell here on Folly...