Monday, December 29, 2008

New Lost customs tomorrow, but today..

... some pictures of an old board

This Channel Islands, circa late 70's, is a great example of some revolutionary ideas of the time that didn't quite stick around, like those wings halfway up on the rail that make the board look like an arrow head. There are a few modern stingers today but for the most part this shape seems to have taken a back seat... for now.

Can you believe Al was using a laminate with his name even back then? You may recognize the CI logo from their retro twin fin they make now but instead of saying "Ventura Santa Barbera" on the bottom the new ones say "Shaped by Al Merrick".


Old Kook said...

SWEET... Did Grumpy bring that in?

Ian... said...

Definitely Grumpy. You can tell by that angry looking big toe. I believe it was Grumpy who once said, "wing rhymes with ding, so I don't like them." Those are some awfully big wings, and how bout fixing those swallow dings?

Drew said...

Grumpy still feels the same about the wings and says he doesn't really have any plans to ride the board. So the tail dings can wait.

grumpy local said...

I'm thinking early 70's though, because of the absence of a leash plug. Been a wall hanger for almost 20 years now, never put it in the water. I think I paid 35 bucks for it way back when.

Sent some photos of it into the folks at Channel Islands (twice) and heard nothing at all from them. Maybe Ians buddy Surfy will come along and shed some insight on this board???

Surfy Surfy! said...

I was like 5 years old when that thing was made, ha. Very unusual find. No doubt a custom during the short lived Stinger craze.