Monday, December 29, 2008

reader feedback...

"it would be nice if you would post pics of new boards as they arrive in the shop.i am looking for a new board from you guys but i dont live in the charleston area.that way people would not call and bother you guys and we could see the boards."

"Yeah, I like the idea of posting photos of new board arrivals. Harbour surfboards does or did that on their web page. It is probably a pain to do, especially if you give the measurements along with the would be nice Drew!"

You guys have a really good idea here, and that's what the blog started out as, but its not at easy as it sounds. Most boards arrive in the Spring and Summer months when the bulk of surfboard sales occur. With the cost of boards rising and the economy in the crapper (where I happen to be at the moment) many clear, "boring to look at, but fun to ride surfboards" come through the shop and posting them is a drag. When the interesting boards do come in they always make it up on the blog. Problem is that no one is buying boards, so no new boards can come in. So the best thing to do is buy a board that's in the shop already, which were planning to do already, but at a discounted price.

The guys and girls in the shop would love for you to call and bother them, trust me. It's winter, it's slow and they're probably starving for human interaction right now. It would help their day go by a lot faster, and you could get some ideas on a new wave slider. Unfortunately for you, the only new shipment coming in this week is a box of custom orders from ...Lost, which I personally sneezed into the box before it left California. Drew will surely post some pics of these just to make you jealous that you didn't order one a couple months ago.

So call the shop 843-588-2247, harass them, ask questions, tell them to post pics of a board you may be interested in, or even email them directly to you. They are there to help.

Sean F. on his custom 5'8" MOIST "Muffin Top" model, shaped by yours truly, on a Folly macker. Oh, to have that wave right now.


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you guys at mckevlins need an email address

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