Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm going to tinkler all over your surf tek.

Does your crappy epoxy pop-out not surf like a real board? If so, Bob Tinkler has just the tail for you.

The Tinkler Tail.

Rarely do you see sneaker technology applied to surfboards, but I guess if they are both coming from sweat shops in Asia it's not too much of a leap.

The Tinkler Tail (according to Bob Tinkler himself) "is basically a false bottom. The deck is part of the board and when you apply pressure during your turn, the tail will move from a straight rocker into various curves. It actually makes turning easier, and with the springs in there you can actually change them out to ‘load up’ the tail in order to get more thrust out of your turn."

O.K. Bob sounds like that makes a little sense, but why pop-outs?

"The original design was always centered on mass production and it continues to be that way. With the flexible tail, you can now make those stiff epoxy boards flexible and easier to use. It improves what a molded board was lacking."

Seems to me that it would be easier to just avoid "those stiff epoxy molded boards." Oh well, we'll see how hard this gimmick sticks.


El Hefe said...

April/May '06 Surfers Journal has an article on this boingy boingy. Just read it this weekend. Along with a rad read on displacement hulls.

Old Kook said...

But, will it help my 360 degree gorilla dunk when I'm macking on the hardwood?