Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Northern Ally

In the chronic battle against the evil pop-out empire it is always nice to find an ally.

A week or to ago the owner of Kennebunk Outdoors, a surf, snowboard, and skate shop in Maine, came by the shop and introduced himself. He told me that he completely agrees with our particular stance on the issue of mass manufactured molded surfboards and even features a section on his website here (scroll down) using an amended version of our pop-out definition. Usually the Mckevlin's blog isn't used for advertising other surf shops, but I don't know if this recognition is going to cut too deep in our business. Thanks to the guys out in Kennebunk Maine for finding the time in between putting on and taking off the 6/5 mm's to keep the dream alive.


djjahd said...

A grizzly crushing a single fin semi-gun???? Now that's REAL AMERICAN.... i am going to try and get some stickers from this company... what an awesome logo...

Anonymous said...

thanks djjahd...i sketched it myself...i will mail a couple to the shop,
and thanks drew for the good words.

keep up the good work,