Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ever wonder what kind of board shapers shape for themselves? For Matt Biolos it is a 6'3" Stealth with a double wing swallow (which I am not sure is a standard tail option).

We got this in with a bunch of other boards from Lost for a board demo Easter weekend.

When I first saw this I wondered who B E was, then I realized Matt Biolos's M 's and B's are almost the same letter. In addition to this stealth we have another 8 boards including round nose fish, monk fish, sharks (XTR), and rockets. The exact time and location of the demo is still to be determined, but I'll be sure to let you know.


djjahd said...

how about around my work schedule.. for once

Ian... said...

what's your work schedule? I'll see what I can do.

Lost Boy said...

What sizes are the Stealths and Rockets? And, are they or will they be for sale?

Lost Boy said...

Sorry, I meant to ask about the size of the Sharks and Rockets, not the Stealths. What tail and fin option is on the Sharks.e

Drew said...

6'0" Rocket
5'8" Rocket
5'4" RNF Quad
6'4" Monk Fish
6'3" 5 fin Shark XTR
6'2" Monk Fish
5'7" RNF thruster
5'11" RNF quad
and the 6'3" stealth

Drew said...

The shark was a winged swallow tail and parabolic stringers.

grumpy local said...

Looks generic.

Major Tarded said...

You know you don't need to add virgin olive oil to noodles when you boil them. And WTF, don't it suck when mud splashes up on the passenger's door of your neighbor's car on a rainy day. Back in the old days I hated cutting the grass when it was like really, really hot outside. I'd sweat way too much. Anyone else like the smell of melted surfboard wax? Cool...