Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Trip Through Folly

O.k., At first I thought this guy may be a Native American using his clothing as an avenue to his ancient heritage, but after talking to him for a moment it was clear he was on a different kind of journey.

Why is he looking so intently at that Surfers Journal ?

Because, to him... it looks like this.


Anonymous said...

i've been considering waltzing into the shop with ass-less motorcycle chaps with a cowboy hat and an NPS shirt on, just to get into the blog.

Drew said...

Try it (except for the assless chaps) and it might work.

Havriks02 said...

Clearly, this was some dude that was part of this weekends "TOURON Invasion"...maybe he hitched a ride with some kids on spring break from Ohio to come see what Folly was all about, and probably also to take his acid and dance with his sacred crystals on the beach as he meditated with the dolphin spirits?

Granted, TOURON's are the cash that keeps Folly going, but judging by the traffic and TOURON's this weekend, it is once again, officially the beginning of TOURON season.
The formula is thus, T + M = TrOn
or, Tourist + Moron = TOURON

djjahd said...

i was subjected to the spring breakers from ohio as well... i might have seen one buying, or possibly renting a nsp board from the other surf shop... mck's was just closed, so i guess they had no choice.

Anonymous said...

get over yourselves.
owl chapman said:
a local is just a dirtbag who can't get his act together enough to travel

Ian... said...

Was that before or after he tried to sue the Surfer's Journal and lost?

Anonymous said...

long before ,grasshopper .
actually a very well
known quote in the surfing world.
and still quite true.

grumpy local said...

What is the limitation on travel time in order not to be a dirtbag in Owl's book?

I mean who wouldn't want to be a Trustafarian, with no worries or responsibilities, able to jet set and surf around the globe?

I agree with the concept however... "localism" is lame, nothing wrong with being a "local" though.

Anonymous said...

depends also on how the waves are where you live.
if you live around here ,and don't travel ,how are you gonna get good surf?
most the guys around here who don't travel much it shows in there surfing.
most grownups can swing $1000 a year if they put there mind to it. Right now Cali on airtran for $300,Hawaii round trip-cheaper than ever..Puerto ,Costa ,just GO.
Two trips a year ,keeps you in shape,my theory ,(not owls).
.I know South Americans who make a fraction of what we make and they manage to save enough to travel.
Sure there are tough times in the world of $$ ,but priorities dictate ,even if you have to take the kids!
Of course ,you could always stay home and say your too poor,be local rippah. Crack jokes at McK's,maybe dominate the local contest scene.
Travel aint that hard.

grumpy local said...

.....take the wife and kids, Anon says. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

djjahd said...

yea... i just looked at my wife and told her that rates were the lowest ever for plane tickets to Hawaii, so pack the kids up and lets go, no questions.. i think i no longer have a wife.. but i do agree that you can only improve so much surfing one spot.

Anonymous said...

take the ol lady to the swap meet and see what you can get for her.