Monday, November 03, 2008

don't PROcraSTinATE... of all ages and facial hair status, we are amidst a great conundrum. The month of MOvember is here and butt cancer still walks among us. Let us use this month to bring awareness to this affliction of the prostate that will affect 1 in 6 of us card-carrying No-Ma'am members. Grow your mustache and carefully follow these rules:

  • On day "Mo-1" (October 31), the complete moustache region, including the entire upper lip and the handlebar zones, must be completely shaved.
  • For the entire duration of Movember (Movember 1 - 31 inclusive), no hair shall be allowed to grow in the goatee zone - being any facial area below the bottom lip.
  • There is to be no joining of the moustache to sideburns.
  • Failure to conform to all of these rules may, at the discretion of the official Movember Committee, result in instant blacklisting and may void invitation to the Mo Ball.
  • Movember Committee accepts no responsibility for lost jobs, rashes, food/beer encrustments or any other such mishaps caused to the wearer (or his partner) of a Movember Moustache. You grew it yourself.

I know its the 3rd already, but today is not too late to start. You must also register your mustache here (click) because its now a classifiable "deadly weapon" with the ladies.

...and here's a nice little quad by Will Allison, mower of foam and mustaches. Below Will models his exquisite piece, while Foster Folsom is diqualified for having "hair in the goat-tee zone", that's a no no, even if it wasn't in the rules.
I look forward to seeing all my Mo Bros in the line-up these next couple days. Enjoy the swell, and give a mustache a ride. It may save your life.


Jimmy "trashy stache" Slade said...

"...and give a mustache ride, it may save a life."

You heard him ladies, mustache rides for everyone !!!

Anonymous said... "lips" are anti-stache

"post stache rash"...not fun for anyone

Anonymous said...

should not the T be capitalized

Ian... said...

Thank you proofreader.

society for free willy said...

Gay dude, yeah that was totally gay. Don't do that anymore...k?

Ian... said...

" "lips" are anti-stache

"post stache rash"...not fun for anyone"

Lube it.

Jimmy Slade said...

Lube the stache? Ive never heard of anyone doing that. It might work though. Just smear crisco all over your face or something.

Anonymous said...

neon colored wax