Friday, April 18, 2008

Finding Pura Vida...

...make sure you come and check out the short documentary as well as the after party which will include a couple surfboards, a 10 foot Dewey Weber Performer donated by Tim McKevlin and a Grasshopper longboard shaped and donated by Richard Prause.

Check out the press release here. And you can buy tickets here.

"My first trip to the Pura Vida No Pro was a life changing experience," says PVNP Media Director Tim Mc Anus. "It has really been amazing to see how the involvement of the Charleston surf community has organically grown over the years", he says "what we get as volunteers is just way beyond anything we could get from a standard surf trip."


Tim McManus said...

Ha ha.
Thanks Ian....

Two things:
1. Its McManus
2. We will just be giving away the Dewey!

Ian... said...

I had to get you back for that time you called me a "doucheruffle", which is one of my favorite words now.

Yes, EVERYONE who has ever taken a surf trip to Costa Rica will be there to show their support for such a great cause. It's the least you can do in return for surfing their perfect waves.

Jimmy Slade said...

I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

I figured it was a not-so-sublte jab. Ha ha ha.
Nice work sir.

See you at the event and thanks again for you support.

It should be noted that LS didn't donate anything despite receiving the same email as you guys.

Guess that seals the least for me.