Tuesday, April 15, 2008

extreme water photography...

...if you see this cliff from the water there is a good chance this is about to come behind you...

...and if you get there early enough, you'll be able to surf it with only one hot chick out (provided you bring one with you)...

...I waited until the last day, also the smallest, to break out the wrist cam so I wouldn't get my wrist ripped of my arm. The point was setting up so you could drop in, snap a shot, and then start pumping your arse off while winding the film so you could take a shot of your massive snap...

...or completely blow it and take a picture of the nose of your board instead. I think the new GoPro Hero cams are all digital so winding won't be an issue anymore. Unfortunately, it won't correct my poor aim, or kinked out neck.

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Anonymous said...

Please join me in respectfully asking Charleston County PRC to choose the "No Development Concept" for Morris Island
& Option 3 for Folly (most low-impact option) and sign the online petition.

The link to the petition is posted below. Please sign it.


I am disappointed that so few people have signed it. People don't seem to be taking note of this issue at all.
Charleston Mayor Joe Riley is really putting pressure on them to turn this into a developer's amenity.

Please forward this to everyone. Deadline for the petition and comments is April 15th and as of today, April 11
we only have 151 signatures. We need several thousand!


Corporate greed is at it again. Just got this email, was hoping you could assist in galvinizing the troops.