Friday, June 12, 2009

will you be my friend???

...I think Facebook is such a waste of time. I don't understand why people feel the need to tell their friends (every 20 minutes) what they're excited about or that they're craving pickles or a taint massage. But for every 1 person that agrees with me about Facebook, there are 10 that can't live without the endless stream of thought diarrhea.

Anyway, I stumbled on this gem looking for an interesting update to use as an example:

Nic Spalviero "is going to surf knee-high waves" so Will Klauber commented back "it is NOT thigh high. It's "It's time to go fishing" high. Even McKookland's called it flat on the report yesterday."

So McKookland's, er I mean, McKevlin's wants to be friends with people like Will and Nic so we can see what your up to, and vice versa. Visit our page McKevlin's Facebook page and become our friend. Then you could maybe become friends with Nic and Will and see if they went fishing or just grabbed a latte instead. Intriguing.


follydude said...

glad you took my advice.

now, when's my massage?

Lost Boy said...

But is nice to know that some one else's life is much more boring than mine. Face Book gives you your 15 minutes of fame, sort of! My favorite is people that are constantly posting photos of themselves doing the most routine of daily chores and thinking how awesome they are.

Ian... said...

All taint massages will be handled by Perng, since she is the only certified masseuse in the building. Just come in the shop and fill out a release form.

Asian Persuasion said...

Thanks for the advertisement Ian! No taint massages, just good ol fashion therapeutic massage just so everyone knows:)

Klauber said...

I actually did go fishing that day BTW. Caught a small flounder and that was it.