Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fin Demiospermae

This rare tree is a member of the Fin Demiospermae class.

Characterized by leaves with drooping long stems and heavy sacs containing fins (when in season), trees belonging to this class offer a unique adaption which allows people to remove the fins for 24 hour use and replace them at no charge. Come see the demo tree today and enjoy some of its ripe delicious fins.

This season's harvest includes:

* F3 Fiber glass hex

* SG Fiber glass hex

* F4 Fiber glass hex

* Stretch Quad Fiber glass hex

*F4 Fiber glass

* Tokoro Fiber glass hex

* AM1 Fiber glass hex

* TP1 Fiber glass hex

*AM2 Fiber glass hex

* V2 F4 Black stix

* Controller Quad Fiber glass

* V2 F4 Quad Fiber glass hex

* EA Fiber glass hex

* V2 FAM1 Black stix

*JC1 Fiber glass hex

* PS Fiber glass hex

* SA3 Fiber glass hex

* SA4 Quad Fiber glass hex

* Scimitar 451 Composite

* V2 FEA Black stix

* V2 FJC1 Black stix

* WCT Fiber glass

* YU Fiber glass hex


tim said...

To use any of the fins, you just need to show your driver's license and a credit card (nothing is charged unless you don't return the fins). If you already rent movies from McKevlin's, we already have the info. This is an all new group of fins - lots of new stuff to try. Thanks.

follydude said...

i'm really grooving on my Future 9.5" 'noserider'. although i'm not noseriding [yet] it's super stable and saying goodbye to the sidebites was the best thing ever.

Lost Boy said...

Are these fins both "Future" and "FCS"?

Drew said...

Unfortunatly FCS doesn't want you to try their fins. (At least thats all I can assume as they don't offer a test drive system like Future does.)

Lost Boy said...

I know, I know, business dictates that you also carry FCS, but I would be a happy camper if all the boards you guys at McKevlin's ordered came with Futures or Glass Ons.

Lost Boy said...

Hey Drew, I'm having alot of problems with signing in to my blogger account. I have to sign up and re enter my info every time I want to comment! It is kind of a pain in the ass.

Drew said...

Do you use a gmail account?

Lost Boy said...

No I don't use a Gmail account. I use that the problem? Should I get a Gmail account instead or maybe you'll just have to go back to letting all the anonymous' post again.