Thursday, June 26, 2008

probability and statistics... the only math class I needed to take in college and I squeaked by. How bout you? Let's see how good at math you really are. This block of FCS cups were extracted from a "performance" longboard and replaced with a slide box.

1) How many inches long is this entire block?
2) How many different FCS fin configurations are possible?
3) What is the probability percentage that this board was made in South Carolina?
4) What is the probability percentage that you would order something as ridiculous as this?
5) How many beers are left in the cooler?


anonymouse said...

That's so cool!!! If I bring my pop out in can you do THAT to it? Why didn't I think of that earlier? I want mine longer, that way I could have like 5 fins in a row and maybe plug my Ipod into the rail tabs instead of sidebites. Those FCS plugs are so strong, they can do anything. SICK!!

Chris said...

Wow this is a hard one - good thing I have two monitors - ok:
1. 17
2. 4
3. 110%
4. I have that setup for all three fins - its insane.
5. Its a trick question - there was never beer in the the cooler just cream for white russians.

Old Kook said... one told me there would be math in this course...

All of it equals the square root of 23.5695.

However, the percentage question is about the only one I'm going to be close on: 0.00000000023 percent.

Beer?? Hell is that what you call Miller Lite?

grumpy local said...

I don't know about any of that but I found the perfect graphic for your board logo... as per our discussion. Should I send via e-mail to the blog contact info? It's what you computer types call NSFW I think.

I'd print it but dont have a color printer.

What say ye?

Ian... said...

My neighbor 2 doors down who's name starts with a B and ends in an R has my email. Get it from him. I'm looking forward to it, even though I've probably seen it before...