Monday, December 17, 2007

It was a looong weekend... started out with my birthday oyster roast on Friday, and I think my dog got into the moonshine. Should've rested Saturday, but kept going, switching moonshine for Newcastle...

...waking up to this on Sunday, only to have to go to work. And after work, straight to Taco Boy and then to a baby shower for some friends. Not exactly your typical baby shower as beer pong was the main focus. Well, me and my lady took on the "unbeatable champs". If you look below, you'll see only one cup of beer. That's our beer, without a ball in it, which means we 're the new champs.

*Side note: Even though I carried the team with my double-bounce sneaker shot double cup drinks, my lady insists that she is the the beer pong champ because of a later game, as my opponent, in which her team won. If it makes you feel better, by all means declare yourself the champ.

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Old Kook said...

Happy Belated Birthday...what are you now, like 14?