Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Costa Rica Chronicles: 11/23 to 12/1/07 Asesinos de Cara Fantasmas...

...introducing the "Asesinos de Cara Fantasmas" (Ghost Face Killahs)

...with our bellies still full from delicious Thanksgiving feasts, you can imagine how disappointed we were to arrive in Dominical to head-high plus surf. I reluctantly put on my heavy baggies and sunscreen and paddled out. Having only brought my 5'9" Bill Johnson CJ Fishy, I relied on the 5 extra lbs. of turkey weight to help me hold a line on the steeper drops.

*all Costa Rica Chronicles pictures taken by Luke Hamilton aka Shithead


Luke said...

So Im a shithead now.
Why do i put up with this?
Your treadin on thin ice Grrr...
Dont forget; I know things.


Anonymous said...

These pictures of hilarious IR!