Thursday, November 15, 2007

respect, aiight...

...respect is big part of surfing, in and out of the water. I wasn't here for the swell of the year last week, but from what I hear it was pure mayhem in the water. Too many people, and not enough waves or etiquette. In Mexico, those that don't abide by the natural laws of surfing are dealt with.

The 1,000 word plus sarcasm-rich response is pretty funny (11th down?) Enjoy and learn something here:

The Hand of Second Point Justice

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Anonymous said...

I managed to miss the swell of the year....damn job....but, I heard from several friends, as usual a good swell and waves brought out the worst of everyone. So much for the bro spirit and good karma at Folly in '07. Here's hoping for a better '08.