Sunday, November 04, 2007

another reason to keep Nike out of surfing...

...because they will make this a reality. Think Frisbee golf, dude. Frisbee golf.


Anonymous said...

11/2 - 11/4 ---- Biggest waves I have ever seen in the OBX.


Anonymous said...

11/2- 11-4

Here's the breakdown

11/2 Blown out and absurd, didn't even go.

11/3 - Biggest day. Check out the pics of Jesse Hines. Unreal. The pic and pics and videos and everything else is on this website...

11/4 --6-8 Ft manageable in the am and fun fun fun fun fun in the pm. Just before dark there was no wind with perfect A-Frames. Could have done without the time change.

Give us an update on life on the lefty westy side.


Anonymous said...

Two good weekends in a row and it looks like a third on the horizon.

Alls well up here.

P.S. They had the best corndogs at this one place. You had to be there. They take the corndog wrap it in bologne and then batter-up the entire thing and then re-fry it. Incredible!!!!!!


Ian... said...

I wasn't around for the day of the year in Folly Beach and have had to surf chest-shoulder high and clean waves everyday for the last 10 days in SD. I haven't missed anything in my eyes. Definitely not the corndogs at least. Those Outer Banks' waves look heavy though.