Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the new Allison HP longboard...

... I got to be honest. I cringe when I here the phrase "high performance longboard". Second to only "jumbo shrimp" when it comes to oxymorons, if you ask me. But after seeing these new HP longboards courtesy of Will Allison, I may be mistaken.Here's what shaper Will Allison has to say about his new HP longboard:

These boards were meant to break the straight line without sacrificing the benefits of riding a longboard. Increased maneuverability has got to be more fun! A little less weight is accomplishe
d by using one single 4 oz. on the bottom and a full 6 oz., in conjunction with another full length 4 oz. on the deck. Double stringers still give the live feeling and adds a lot of strength. A single concave under the nose gives lift for maximum noseriding which feeds into a double concave through the tail section, which means less drag and means snappier bottom turns and less loss of speed during cutbacks. A substantial "V" is also incorporated through the tail to break the frictional drag of a flat bottom, and allows the board to roll up on that plane and turn. Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks and Aloha,



Anonymous said...

will has some awesome boards

goodkarma said...

beides being a good shaper will is a great guy to deal with.i have had a couple of his boards and regret selling them