Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kiss me, I'm Irish!!!

...Tis' me birthday again and of all of the gifts I thought none could be better than gold,
but if I've gotten it once I've gotten it twice and I'm over a thousand years old,
so I went to McKevlin's (sounded Irish enough) to replace my shredding shillelagh,
with surfboards stocked like a clover patch its like they get new boards in daily,
it took me forever to check them all out from Sharp Eyes on down to the ...Lost,
what enamored me most among other things was how little they cost,

this ...Lost Shark caught my eye for obvious reasons,
its green like my arse and my favorite Spring season,
and I don't buy Chinese boards because that would be treason,
and they're brittle like crackers that I like to put cheese on...

so Erin Go Bragh and all else Irish as well,
don't drink and drive or I'll see you in hell!!!

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