Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Air Mattress... For Your Board.

We just got our premiere shipment of the new Soma Airbag for your surfboard.

This is what your surfboard sees when it is being placed in the bag... looks comfortable.

This is what your board looks like when it is in the bag.

And this is what it looks like when I jump on your board in the bag. This won't hurt it though because of the rocker protection provided by the shape of the air chambers.
The Airbag shop demo is a 6'6" single board bag, but we have a 7'0" double bag for $189.95 and a 6'6" double bag for $179.95 with other sizes available for order.

I wasn't at the shop the day the rep came by and after looking at their catalog was a little skeptical, but the demo looks very durable and seems like it may be an answer to rough luggage handlers. Oh... and in a pinch it can make a comfy place to sleep.


Lost Boy said...

Looks like a good idea for travel. Only thing is, do I trust the baggage handlers at the airport to keep it away from sharp objects?

Anonymous said...

I heard Slurry Jones smuggled himself out of Cuba in one of those.

djjahd said...

Does it do anything for the cost of flying with it.. that would help..

Last said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Drew said...

Soma asked us to remove the above comment... which to me, seems to give it some validity.

Last Laugh said...

Since when did Soma start ruling the world of free speech??? Obviously the Admin has the right to their blog content but don't you think there's something wrong when a company asks you to sensor a comment? I do.

So I'll say it again. There is another bag coming, the Enduro series, which will supposedly be much better than the current bag. I wouldn't count on it for X-Mas considering how late the current bag was. The current bag was supposed to be available in April and didn't show up until August.

The new bag will address the issues of punctures (you're crazy to think the current back can't get punctured during travel) and will function as a day bag as well. The current bag has one function.

Drew, you are correct. My comments are valid or the post wouldn't have been deleted. We'll see how long this one sticks around. It's called free speech -- 1st Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Careful Dan.

tim said...

According to the folks at Soma - ". . .the new line is not a next generation but a separately merchandised line with a different price point . . . just like most other lines of any sort. Nothing more - nothing less. Dealers will be offered/carrying both lines (+ more)." So it's kind of like O'Neill offers you the Heat wetsuit and later comes out with a Psycho 2 - some people are good with one; some will want the other. It all sounds pretty normal to me.

david said...

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