Monday, May 14, 2012

What Size Sub Scorcher Should I Get?

Well... Matt Biolos, the shaper of ...Lost surfboards was supposed to come by the shop today to answer questions and give stuff away but he's sick. We found out late last night that he will be able to come Friday May 25th at the same time, 5pm-7pm. If you order or buy a new ...Lost board while Matt is here you will get $50 off as well as a free pair of ...Lost boardshorts. Sorry if you were planning on coming tonight, but just push it back until Friday.


tim said...

Matt is ill, and the Shaper's Night has been postponed until Friday, May 25, 5-7 PM. Hope to see you at the shop!

Lost Boy said...

Hey, it's October 22nd. I ordered and got my V2 Rocket...but I never got my free Lost boardshorts? WT*!!!