Monday, May 07, 2012

Uber Black Nose Rock Mini Feeder

Lost is no stranger to combining boards to create new models the, Sub Driver, Sub Scorcher, Mini Driver, and Black Sheep are all examples. In this tradition they have created the Uber Black Nose Rock Mini Feeder which features a compilation of the best aspects from the Uber Plank, Black Sheep, Round Nose Fish, Rocket (V2), Mini Driver, and Bottom Feeder. This board is ideal for big wave groveling, and works really well in clean big powerful small mushy surf. It can be ridden as a quad, quint, thruster, or twin fin. Be sure to pick one up before the Spring Summer Fall Winter swells. It also combines traditional polyester construction with the German engineered Hydroflex construction to enhance its variability. 


butler j said...

Sorry to bother, no answer is fine. I have a new provisional patent . On a product for a leash. It's like a.chalk box. For rolling it up when done. Or shorter when on flat days. Or for like a.paddle board...any kind of help. Thanks

Best Longboards said...

Good design of the board . i would like to gift this one to my loving brother. He is so passionate to surf in the sea.