Saturday, October 02, 2010

Waves Again

Waves and waves... finally some consistency.
(Sorry for the crappy quality pictures)


The New North Shore said...

There were three telephoto lenses focusing on high tide waist high weakness at the washout yesterday evening. I sure hope these folks arent claiming Folly Beach and the Washout while twittering flickr blog's all over their boyfriends facebook page's. If so, after our latest epic thirty days of swell, the crowds here should double in size. Just have to wait and see i guess.

I.R. said...

Ahhh, that's funny.

Anonymous said...

And are there some kooks on longboards at the pier or what ! I've never seen so many barely skilled, mostly younger , some even chubby ,longboarders wasting good waves.

Lost Boy said... should have paddled out and snaked em all. I.R. would have done it!

grumpy local said...

I feel worse for snaking someone than getting snaked myself. It shouldn't have to be that way.

But yea, alot self centered people on big boards these days.

Such is the way of our greedy American society... me, me, mine.

Anonymous said...

After many great surf sessions, I was getting ice cream with my daughter at the pier and I was amazed at the knuckle heads surfing the pier. Not one was a respectable surfer. Talk about wasting great waves. Can't wait til winter when it becomes too chilly for the kooks.