Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday's Demo

Lesson of the day: I need a better planer.


Anonymous said...

When are you getting in some new Al Merrick's?

grumpy local said...

The Al Merricks seem to have lost (pun intended)the kiddies interest and stagnated in there.

Don't expect any new Al Merricks anytime soon.

The lost boards have better names.

Anonymous said...

Check out the article on Ricky in Florida Today newspaper. You can link thru 2nd light.com.
(I ain't no Steve Jobs).

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's the difference between you and RC. the planer...

Anonymous said...
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tim said...

22 Channel Islands should be at the shop by early next week.

Old Kook said...

Here's the link to the Ricky Carroll aricle:


Watched Ricky shape on Sunday. Just him eyeballing the blank. Very cool to watch.

Anonymous said...

Go Gamecocks

Anonymous said...

Al Merricks not CIs

verification word- triprol

Anonymous said...

what's a gamecock?

Anonymous said...

what's a gamecock?

Drew said...

A gamecock is a rooster that fights other roosters for the entertainment and profit of unscrupulous individuals.

Anonymous said...

And this Saturday .the city of Folly will demonstrate how to create gridlock .
Take one early spring beach weekend ,the most crowded time ,close off the streets to cars, and watch how pissed off 10,000 people can be trying to get to the beach .
The goal is to see how far traffic can back up on James Island .
That was a good election.

Anonymous said...

Quick, somebody call the whaaaaambulance.

Anonymous said...

yeah ,no opinions allowed!

Anonymous said...

Beck's against blocking off Center st.by the businesses.
The other one has a prob with drinking on the beach.

Anonymous said...

stop global whining!

Anonymous said...

It takes a whiner to complain about making a observation. Grumpy, that you?
Or you don't agree and would rather shoot the messenger.

grumpy local said...

Nah, I always post under grumpy local, first thing in the morning, but I do agree, complaining about the Sea and Sand Festival is rediculous. We/They have been having those festivals since the 80's. It's well documented before hand, the dates, the time, the fact that one street, not "street
s", will be closed.

Weekend traffic is also a fact of life for anyone going to or living on the beach. It's nothing new and has absolutely nothing to do with who is in office at the moment.

Not a damn thing.

Or, should we cancell all such events, including the Christmas parade, because some Anonymous poster on the McKevlins blog doesn't want to be inconvenienced with traffic...you know, going to Sullivans or IOP that day instead of Folly would make too much sense, Anon would rather complain.

So yea, someone call the whaaaaabulance for this or both these Anon's.

Anonymous said...

how dare you discuss an issue on this....whatever this is!

Anonymous said...

So that seals it! If g local is against it , it must make sense!

grumpy local said...

What am I against?

Oh yea, whining about beach traffic on Saturday's in the summer.


Still, don't expect any Al Merricks anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

well, when the whiner points his whiney finger , there's four more whiners whining right back at the whiner.
no one says you have to agree ,but to whine about someone else you say is whining , is double whining.
c'mon ,you can do better. After all , it's what you do!

grumpy local said...

Making fun of someone for whining like the original anon did by saying, "call the whaambulance" isn't whining.

Me agreeing is not whinig either.

This whining about whining analogy has dumbass written all over it.

Every Saturday on every beach there is a gridlock if you wait until after 10. I put my boat in the water at the Folly landing at 09:30 Saturday, there was no traffic, much less a gridlock.

Anon lied by saying the city closes off street's. They only partly close one street, singular not plural. If you have to lie and exaggerate to make your point, you have no point.

grumpy local said...

OK, since I'm putting off doing house chores, let's review the situation.

Anon interjects and "observation" completely off topic for "discussion" into a blog about RC's shaping demo. Even though they say the subject is open for "discussion", they will cry foul and accuse anyone who doesn't agree with them of being a "whiner".

They say, "And this Saturday .the city of Folly will demonstrate how to create gridlock ."

Not to stray off topic but punctuation marks such as commas and periods follow the word, there is no space.

Ok, there was no real gridlock last Saturday, quite frankly the traffic was mild compared to a normal Saturday in July and probably typical of the traffic being experienced by Sullivan Island and the IOP the same day. Besides, the "city of Folly Beach" didn't send out memos telling people to wait till noon to come out. Lay in the bed with your dick your hand while mommy fixes you breakfast, then come out at noon.... No they didn't.

So that's 1 lie.

Lie number 2:

"Take one early spring beach weekend ,the most crowded time ,"

Easter/spring break is more crowded, as is Memorial day and the 4th of July. Mid April isn't near as bad as any given Saturday June through Sept.

Lie number 3:

"close off the streets to cars,"

I've already covered this... bold face lie.

"watch how pissed off 10,000 people can be trying to get to the beach ."

10.000 people who don't have the common sense to either, get up early, or simply do something else that day. Makes me sad.

Lie number 4, and the best of them all:

"The goal is to see how far traffic can back up on James Island ."

Yea, City Council sat around laughing about this one. The only goal of the Sea and Sand festivities is to back log traffic, nothing more...been that way for years.

If you want your observatiopn taken seriously, try not to lie while making your point. Also learning basic written english helps. It's hard to take someone seriously who writes and speaks on a 3rd grade level.

Now, go suck your mommas titty some more and figgure out who you can blame for today's shortcomings.

Your Bud,

Anonymous said...

I never knew making fun of cry babies was considered whining either.

Anonymous said...

much better! and if you're wrong ,just say whatever!
now tell us more about the dog collars, haha!

grumpy local said...

You mean, "tell us more about what Google say's about slip check"?

Why don't you look it up and see for yourself. Haha