Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little Motivation From ...Lost

We got a shipment from Lost last night, mostly customs but we did get a couple Blunts and a Motivator.

The Motivator came to be after complaints that the rocket was not enough of a groveler board.

Specifically designed for 1' slop it seems like this is a perfect board for our beloved home break of Folly Beach.

What makes this board a better groveler then the Rocket? First is the width increase in the nose and tailblock. That means a straighter outline with longer rails which translates to increased drive. Thickness was also increased in the nose with a beak and the tail without changing the overall thickness on the rails. It still has a deep single concave through the mid-section but pulls into a deep "V" behind the back foot to help tighten up the turning radius.

The step-rail on the tail makes turning in crappy surf a little easier by adding more of an edge then a thicker chunky tail.

Dims: 5'9" x 19 7/8" x 2 5/16" $590


Anonymous said...

Blunt pics please

Anonymous said...

sharp eye twin fin pig. Get a better board and save some money!

grumpy local said...

How about motivate people to look behind them when paddling for a wave.

Seems hoods and "groveler" boards create tunnel vision in the local Donkey population..

Drew said...

Only when you're back there Grumps.

Chris said...

Great board - Ian and I have been testing these for the past year