Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stick it to the airlines

With Delta charging $300 each way for surfboards on international flights per board, USAir charging $100 each way per board, and Spirit Air charging $75 each way per board, it is about time somebody found a way to travel with a quiver and not pay more for baggage fees then the plane ticket itself. The idea of a surfboard that can be broken down for travel is not a new idea, but what makes this board different is that it is not only a board that can be broken down it is also two boards in one.

Built by Oldham Custom Shapes this 6'7" 5 fin bonzer inspired by the bing synchronizer also becomes a 6'2" quad with the removal of a tail section and a fin swap.

So far this board is one of a kind, but with no end to outrageous surfboard baggage fees in sight it seems like a 2 board quiver you can bring with you for a standard $15 baggage fee is an idea that may catch on.

You can read more about this board here.

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