Tuesday, May 20, 2008

triple threat...

...the new ...LOST models are in! From top to bottom we have the Rocket, the Monkfish and the Gullwing. The Rockets are flying out of here, no pun intended. The Monkfish is a perfect hybrid of the MR Retro 80's and the RNF quad but with a constant V-bottom from nose to tail which cuts through chop and makes for fluid rail-2-rail transitions. Finally, the Gullwing which is the most versatile board in the ...LOST lineup this year working from knee high to way overhead.

...each has a distinct tail and fin configuration. The Rocket is a thruster with the fins moved forward about a 1/2 inch farther up from the tail than a standard thruster, and has pinched round tail. The Monkfish is set up as a straight quad with a winged swallow. Last but not least, the Gullwing features the quint fin setup allowing for quad, thruster, twin or even bonzer fin configuration (I recommend Speed Dialer Turbo Quads) and winged swallow set back a little deeper than the Monkfish and a hollowed out swallow center to allow increased water release. It also has a hyper rail rocker in the last 4 inches of the tail for quick directional changes.

Any questions?

1 comment:

Jimmy "wide body" Slade said...

The Monkfish looks and feels like it'd straight up fly.

Thick and wide just like my girlfriend.