Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No photo needed...

"And since it has become fashionable to be as greedy as possible, the pop out guys are back, trying to take over the world again with their mass-merchandising schemes. It sort of bugs me that they don't even touch the boards during production and yet they try to portray themselves as real grass roots. There are so many better ways to make big money if that is all they care about. If they don't like working on boards or are incapable of doing so, then they shouldn't do it and instead should become money grabbers in some other context. But to hold themselves out as surfers and to be promoting this crass mass market stuff as if they are doing surfing a favor, they add to the feeling I have about the dilution of the real spirit of surfing. Between them and the contests it’s become quite a different deal and I see no positive benefit. We have lost our souls and respectibility. We have become what we were trying to get away from."

Tom Parrish
Legendary surfer-shaper-man and good friend of our favorite shaper Will Allison (legendary surfer-shaper-man)

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