Sunday, March 04, 2012

Small Wave Offering From CI

Well, this board is ugly, but most of the time the ugliest boards work the best. Designed by hipsters for hipsters and people who have to surf small waves and hate longboards. Come by the shop and place your order before your neighbor does and you have to watch them shred apart knee high summertime windchop while you paddle for 5 minutes only to stand up and have your board sink beneath you. 


Anonymous said...

Another Dane marketing gimmick

Lost Boy said...

It ain't pretty but it'll let you surf 12 inch lumps of water. And, you don't have to lug a long board to the beach. Good board just to keep in the car everytime you head out for a session, but not your only board. I've tried 'em...not a carving machine...but it will keep you in the water longer. Especially here at Folly. However, it's sure hard to pay 700 plus for this thing.