Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dane Reynolds: Awful Hipster or Awesome Surfer

I don't have a problem with disheveled looking people. If you can't afford showers or laundry then I understand. What does push me towards annoyance is when this "style" is purposefully and painstakingly sought after. Dane Reynolds has a lot of money, and I assume (because his job is going on surf trips) time. So why does he dress like a homelessmen? 

On the other hand, he surfs better than most, and by most I mean about 99.8% of surfers. Look at him swooping around with his eagle wing stance. He doesn't have to drive to work or compete in contests yet still makes a sh!t load of money. With all of this time and money, what does he do? He tries to look like a bum.

What do you think about ole D.R.? Awful Hipster, awesome surfer, or both?
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grumpy local said...

So that's 2 things Dane and I have in common.... and it aint having plenty of money or going on surf trips.

Bob said...

When did this become a fashion blog?

Daynolds said...

How come "Who gives a shit" isn't an option on the poll?

Anonymous said...

remember when Ian made posts? yeah, that was when it was a little better