Sunday, October 09, 2011

Simple Luxury

Many wetsuits strive to be the stretchiest suit around, but Patagonia will be the first to tell you that they don't have the stretchiest suit. What they do have is an extremely quick drying and light suit. We carry the R3. This is a suit that is 3mm all the way through. It is lined with chlorine free merino wool, that's what that white stuff is. What that means for you is that the suit dries faster because the water doesn't stick to the wool and is lighter for the same reason. They aren't our least expensive suits and at $550 you wouldn't be crazy calling these expensive, however they are worth it. I have a chest zip R3 and it fits like a glove, and if anything it is too warm. I've had mine for about a year and as far as condition goes, it looks like new. I suspect you could get at the very least three seasons out of this suit. That means instead of buying a new mediocre suit every year for $200 that wears out by spring, you could have one extremely warm and comfortable suit for much much longer. Don't think of this suit as a 3/2, but instead think of it as a 4/3. A really warm 4/3. Come try one on.


Anonymous said...

Can i get an employee discount for one of those?

grumpy local said...

Forget about a discount... I'm thinking free. Notice Drew went out of his way to let us know he has one of these suits (1%) while none of us do (99%).

We are the 99%.

Lets Occupy Center Street and demand free stuff. I mean why should one guy have a nicer suit than the next guy? I can't afford a shirt and here, rich guy Drew (who made millions by over charging for bars of wax) rubs his $600 suit in my face.

The distribution of wealth is simply not fair and I say we get em!

Whose with me*

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Anonymous said...

Great suit , EXCELLENT service. Mine is 3 years old.Well worth it.