Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is a new shape from Lost called the Subdriver. I bet you can guess the two boards this one is derived from. It, and several others, are composed of Hydroflex technology.

Hydroflex is a type of epoxy construction which utilizes a unique air valve and pump to change the boards stiffness. The blank used is composed of an EPS foam with interconnected micro airchambers. Resin soaks deeper into the foam because of these micro chambers gripping the foam with "fingers" of resin which makes de-lam almost impossible. The valve on the deck of the board allows you to change air pressure in the foam and as a result the boards flex. I rode one last night, and despite crap surf, was able to get a feel for the board's potential. While I didn't change the flex pressure, what I did experience was a ridiculously light board which was extremely responsive. I let you know when I know more. Come by and check these boards out. The air pump is cool, but seriuously, these boards are ridiculously light. Put your hands on one.


Anonymous said...

what if you put a good ding it?

pressure dents?

Drew said...

They say to repair it like any other epoxy board. Don't know how well they stand up to pressure dings yet though.

I.R. said...

So many beautiful things about these boards. With the pump you can blow out pressure dings and and water that may enter the board after being dinged.

You can also adjust the rigidity of the board, IE make it stiffer or a bit more flexible, by adjusting the board's internal air pressure. Ride it stiffer when its clean and then once the wind comes up you just let a little air out without having to leave the water. You instantly have a board that handles the bump on the waves.

Anonymous said...

So how much?

Anonymous said...

an arm and leg

Drew said...