Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bieber fever!?!?!?

When you cram a bunch of people into a confined area, germs are bound to get passed around. Apparently someone infected with the RJBH-1 strain made an appearance at the movie premiere and it spread like wildfire. The RJBH-1 (Retro Justin Bieber Haircut) epidemic seems to be under control nationwide, but stuff like this tends to hit South Carolina a year or two later. Just like hipsters.

Check out more photos from the premiere over at


Old Kook said...

I don't know; I'm seeing some skinny hipster jeans on a certain transplant to the west coast in those pics....perhaps the cap is hiding a Bieber haircut????

I.R. said...

I have Beaver Fever, if that's what you mean.

Jimmy Slade said...

Well played Old Kook...well played.

Anonymous said...

ease up IR, before you cause a SITUATION.

snooki says hi.