Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joker surfs better than you.

Check out this video to better understand how to perform the island pull-out, and how to get rid of sharks.


Lost Boy said...

Funny as sh.t! That had to be the longest ride on record. Always liked the way Hollywood has a large wave in the background when they're paddling out on a thigh to waist high day. Ever see all those "Frankie and Annette" movies from the 60s? Same thing. When I was a little kid I thought was the, it's sooo gay, especially when compaired to the newest version. But funny. I wonder who were the surfers that dressed up like and the Joker in the wave riding scenes?

WTF said...

I just saw a tv commercial letting the public know that saying something is "gay" is not politically correct. It was such a gay commercial! I'll bet they hate South Park.

Old Kook said...

This is of course the inspiration behind Taylor Steele surf films. You can absolutely see the similarities.

Or, is it the inspiration behind
Taylor Steele the porn actress??

I get confused by the two so often.