Thursday, January 06, 2011

You're Not the Only One Who Hates Cold Water

These fish hate cold water too.

In fact, they hate it so much they all left.

All along the beach, tens of thousands of dead Menhaden washed up last night.
I'd rather get picked apart by seagulls and pigeons too.

Coming soon... horrible smells.

Speaking of horrible smells, the poll results are in and you're all sick (me too). Only 7% of people don't pee in their wetsuit. 69% pee in their suit all day long while 17% only pee as a last resort and a disturbing 5% pee in their suit to kick it on people. Stay away from the latter.


Leave me alone... I'm batin' said...

It wasn't the cold water that killed all the fish... it was all the toxic pee in the water. Just say no to pissing in wetsuits.

Anonymous said...

buncha blind lesbians would be awfuly confused out there.