Saturday, November 06, 2010

10 Time World Champ

Winning his heat today against Adriano de Souza in the Rip Curl Search 2010 Puerto Rico contest marked Kelly Slater's 10th world title. After the first two waves of the heat which scored him a 9.83 and a 9.00, Slater surfed another six waves giving Jordy Smith a high five while pulling off of the last one. And people say he's from Florida.


Anonymous said...

He is from Florida, dipshit.

Anonymous said...

this is what I tell folks who are surprised to hear there's even surf in SC.
More world world champion titles between here and Cocoa Beach than Hawaii and Australia put together .
Thanks Kelly!

Lost Boy said...

Makes me proud to be from my Florida's east coast.

Old Kook said...

Apparently Anonymous doesn't understand the definition of "sarcasm". I'm pretty sure "dipshit", as do all of us, knows he's from FLA.

But, he's still no I.R.

(Congratulations Slates!)

Anonymous said...

Really compelling post with a firm grasp of subject-verb agreement and sentence structure. Who writes this garbage?

Anonymous said...

I think it might have been anonymous.