Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer Starts Early

Barely a week into Spring and already drunk people are running into our shop.

This happened on Friday at about 4:00pm. The driver of the car was seen stumbling towards Snapper Jack's. Slurry Jones?


Old Kook said...

Have you ever noticed what wonderful shape the majority of The Folly Five Oh are in?

(Not that I should really talk.)

Anonymous said...

You have to be grossly out of shape to qualify for a police officer position.
Rednecks become cops, bleeding hearts become social workers.
What a country.

Anonymous said...

our country is so great, even our poor people are fat.

Drew said...

The guy who hit the shop came in Sun. asking why he had a note from the cops to call them or his liscence would be suspended. He said he didn't even hit the shop... but I showed him the pictures.