Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rest in Peace Craig Massey.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of local surfer Craig Massey, who passed on last night. He left us way too soon. Craig was one of the first in a crew of groms, now in their late teens, who I took a liking to when I first started working at the shop in 2003. Always a smile on his face, he'd be the first to strike up a conversation and was genuinely stoked on surfing. Before I moved to California, he bought one of my favorite Round Nose Fishes of all time from me since I needed money to move. I had no problem parting with this board because I knew it was going into the hands of a surf happy grom who would enjoy it as much as I did. Once I moved back to Folly Beach, every time I'd see Craig the first words out of his mouth would be "Sickest board ever!" The last time I saw him he said it was still hanging up in his house, in beyond surfable condition. It had the same sentimental value for both of us, being one of those magic boards, and neither one of us took it for granted.

I have this huge pit in my stomach knowing I'll never hear those words from him again, and every time I picture his face the pit gets a little bigger. I'm going to miss not seeing Craig around, along with a lot of other people around here.


Anonymous said...

He was so young to pass away. What happened to him?

Anonymous said...


Charleston County Sheriff's Deputies have a suspect in custody in connection with a stabbing where one person was killed, and two more were hurt.

It happened Wednesday night just before 11-o'clock on James Island on Teal Marsh Road, just off Folly Road.

Investigators say all three victims were rushed to the hospital, but one died on the way there.

Another victim is listed in critical condition and suffered life threatening injuries. The third victim is now in stable condition.

Right now authorities haven't released a motive or the name of the suspect in custody.

Anonymous said...

DANG!!! Anonymos was right about this area being dangerus. Sorry about your loss, but it goes back to previous comments about todays surfers. Very North Shore Hood Rats

mr.crabs said...

I've surfed with him...always a nice guy in the line up with a positive attitude. He'll be missed by all. God's speed Craig!

Old Kook said...

My condolences as well and my sympathy to you Ian for the loss of a friend.

Peter Kohn said...

Have not cried like I cried today for a long time. Absolutely broke my heart for his Dad, Stepmom, Mom, and brother Porter as well as his grandparents etc...
Such a wonderful person and delight to see in the water. Craig will be remembered each and everytime in the water.
Hug your children and tell them how much you love them. Life is so short and goes by really fast.
Prayers go out to the Masseys.

Anonymous said...

An overnight stabbing rocks a James Island neighborhood ending with one young man dead and a teenager in jail.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office says the triple stabbing happened on Teal Marsh Road.

Police arrested 19-year-old Charles Richard Dobson and charged him with murder. He is currently being held at the Charleston County Detention Center where is awaiting a bond hearing.

Three people were stabbed or cut and one is dead.

Sheriff Al Cannon says investigators are still trying to piece the events together.

"We're really not exactly sure of what happened, why it happened, or who all was involved in it or what role various people had in the altercation," Cannon said.

Investigators know the stabbing occurred on Teal Marsh on James Island Wednesday night where Travis Macon Barow was severely injured and Mary Whilden Hills was injured.

Richard Craig Massey died from a stab wound to the chest.

And Charles Richard Dobson is in jail for at least a murder charge.

"We are coordinating with the solicitor and obviously evaluating and gathering evidence and information so that we know exactly what appropriate charges are for what occurred," Cannon explained.

Dobson may face more charges as the investigation continues and more details develop.

Dobson was arrested before for a charge of possession with intent to distribute marijuana last year and simple assault.

djjahd said...

i hate that you lost a friend.... especially one that has a history with you.... you need to get that old board and hang it up in your house....

Ian... said...

Craig's wake will be held on Friday, July 4th from 5:00-7:00pm at Stuhrs Funeral Home, 232 Calhoun Street in Downtown Charleston.

Craig's funeral service will be held on Saturday, July 5th at 3:00pm at Harborview Presbyterian Church, 900 Harborview Road on James Island.

Please join us in celebrating Craig's life at a Paddleout on Sunday, July 6th at 4:00pm at the Washout Contest Boardwalk.

Anonymous said...

Craig was an artist ,and the ocean was his canvas .
Always a smile ,I mean ALWAYS a smile.
Always out ,too.
They don't come any mellower in the water.
How can this have happened?
Hopefully the paddleout will offer some kind of closure.
My deepest sympathies to the family.

Surfy Surfy said...

Condolences to all friends and family.

Anonymous said...

I heard the people that got stabbed went there to beat up that guy. So if that is true he was just defending himself. It's too bad all over a girl from what I hear. Grow up people.

Ian... said...

They were teenagers.

Anonymous said...

hey jerk...."what you heard" do not try and start rumors unless you know FACTS! you must be an inconsiderate child that has shit for brains. YOU need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

That was my little brothers roomate, my little brother saved travis and took mary whilden to the hospital. I know what happened because my little brother was there and honestly you are sorely mistaken about what happened. also this forum is in rememberance of craig not for you to say he deserved to get killed. you are very sick person and no one has the right to be killed. If you want to defend an heroin addict then you can but trust me craig was not a surfer punk looking for a fight and i travis's bill for being saved by the hospital is 1.2 million and i hope the dobson family pays for that and they also pay to bury craig. Now they want to hire a hot shot lawyer go ahead but i promise you the lawyer my family is getting for travis is going to wipe any money the dobson family ever saw or will see away. Sorry about writing so much but a lot of people are suffering over this.

Rip Lil Craig

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if it was over a girl or any other matter. There is never, never never any excuse for this kind of violence. The perpetrator of this murder fought,stabbed and killed unarmed individuals. Mommy posted his bail today. I hope she enjoys visiting him in prison for a long time as well.

Anonymous said...

What was your brother and the others doing at his house? If someone is on your property you have the right of Self Defense. By no means am I saying this is okay and should have happened, but they went to his house. My condolences to ALL that have suffered through this terrible tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I bet "proud_JI_girl's" rear end that massey anticipated trouble BEFORE he went to dobson's house. That line about "needing to get something from her car" sounds like a weak excuse to go over to where she is and stir up some crap. WTF
is so important that he HAD to get out of her car that very minute?

Further, I betcha massey's friends said, "man, I wouldn't go over there if I were you. Dude, let it go. She ain't worth it..."

So massey allows a female to get in his head. Mistake #1

Massey goes over to the house where the wench is with her car.Mistake #2

Subsequently, gets taunted and loses his tempter. Mistake #3

When he lost his tempter and attacked someone, he took his life in his own hands. Mistake #4

Someone was calling him names, teasing him, talking about his x-girl....what-TF-ever! Massey should have been MATURE enough to walk away. Take responsibility for your actions. If you ALLOW someone else to push your buttons or piss you off, you just might be taught a hard lesson.

Anonymous said...

Murder charges dropped in stabbing of surfer
By Glenn Smith (Contact)
The Post and Courier
Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Previous stories

Questions linger in surfer's death published 08/24/08

19-year-old charged with murder, assault says his home was invaded published 07/04/08

Prosecutors on Tuesday dropped murder and assault charges against a James Island man who fatally stabbed a popular local surfer and wounded two others in a bloody confrontation at his home in July.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said witness statements and other evidence led prosecutors to conclude that 19-year-old Charles Richard Dobson Jr. acted in self-defense when he fatally stabbed Craig Massey on July 2.

Massey, 20, entered Dobson's Teal Marsh Road home without invitation and attacked Dobson, Wilson said.

"The defendant, Mr. Dobson, was at home minding his own business when the victim came in and began assaulting him and others in the house," she said. "Even witnesses who are friendly and sympathetic to (Massey), even in their stories he was the aggressor."

Wilson wouldn't get into what brought Massey to Dobson's home that night, saying that was irrelevant to the legal issues at hand.

Others involved in the case have suggested that a romantic triangle lay at the heart of the dispute. Massey and Dobson had dated a young woman who also was wounded at the home that night, and one participant claims that Massey entered Dobson's house only after being taunted about his girlfriend, the man's lawyer said.

The case was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Tuesday to determine whether there was sufficient probable cause to bring the matter to trial. Instead, the hearing was canceled and the charges dismissed.

Andy Savage, one of Dobson's lawyers, said the Solicitor's Office made the right call, much to the relief of Dobson and his family. "We're certainly not surprised by the action taken by the solicitor, which we think was appropriate."

Massey's friends were clearly disappointed by the outcome. They have harbored doubts about Dobson's claims, maintaining that Massey was known as a friendly, outgoing guy with a passion for surfing and an easy-going manner.

"It's very disappointing, and I don't think it's right that (Dobson) was let off with no accountability at all," said Nancy Hussey, a friend of Massey and director of the Eastern Surfing Association. "This whole thing is just really sad. It's such a tragedy."

Massey went to Dobson's home on July 2 accompanied by his friend, 21-year-old Travis Barrow. Massey apparently wanted to retrieve something from the car of his girlfriend, 19-year-old Mary Whilden Hills. She was inside the house with Dobson, a former boyfriend, lawyers involved in the case have said.

Massey reportedly walked inside and went after Dobson, Wilson said. He threw the first punch and ignored Dobson's pleas for him to leave, striking Dobson and two others in the room. Dobson then pulled out a 4-inch pocket knife to defend himself and stabbed Massey, Wilson said.

Hills and Barrow also were wounded during the close-quarters confrontation, authorities said.

Wilson said witness accounts varied as to whether Barrow struck anyone during the episode. "He was part of the fight, and at various points he was trying to keep Dobson's friends away so Massey could have a one-on-one with Dobson," she said.

Alan Tanenbaum, Barrow's lawyer, said Barrow only tried to separate the combatants and displayed no aggression. Barrow maintains that he and Massey went to the home with innocent intentions and only went in after Hills responded to them from inside, he said.

"Mr. Barrow believes the altercation between Dobson and Massey was brought about and provoked by the repeated taunts which were directed at Massey by one or more of the individuals inside regarding Hills," Tanenbaum said.

Dobson's attorneys had pledged to mount a defense rooted in the "Castle Doctrine," which outlines a person's right to use deadly force to defend himself from violent intruders to his home.

Wilson said the Castle Doctrine clearly applied in this case, as did the principle of self-defense. Once Dobson was under attack and feared he would be killed or injured, he had a right to defend himself as he did, she said.

Wilson also pointed out that Massey was bigger and stronger than Dobson. Police records show that Massey was 4 inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than Dobson.

"It's a real shame that it escalated the way it did," Wilson said. "But our law says that Dobson didn't have to wait for Massey to get the drop on him."

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office investigated the case and filed the charges against Dobson. Sheriff's Maj. John Clark said investigators take no issue with Wilson's decision.

"The Sheriff's Office made charges they felt were appropriate at the time, and if the Solicitor's Office feels there is not enough to move forward, then we can only go with what the solicitor decides," Clark said.

Dobson has been living in Virginia with his sister while awaiting trial. Savage said he would recommend that Dobson stay there until emotions surrounding the case have had a chance to calm down. "There has been enough harm already," he said.

Ian... said...

Everyone can speculate all they want about what happened, who's fault it was and how it could have been prevented. Everyone handles emotions in a different way and most 20 year old kids are not mature: most 30 year olds aren't. The bottom line is that Craig is no longer with us, and the kid who killed him is getting off, for now. Karma is an MF'er.

Anonymous said...

As Tragically as this situation ended up, the Solicitor has acted within the framework of the law when dropping the charges against Dobson. You can not enter someone's house and then not leave when you are told. It seems clear from the evidence that Dobson did not want Craig there. Both parties can share the blame for the escalation and the deadly outcome, but regardless of whether or not anyone could have stopped it, if some is acting violently in your home and refuses to leave, you have the right to use deadly force to protect yourself. Apparently the solicitor determined that Craig was told to leave but emotions were high and a fight ensued. That does not mean dobson is completely innocent, and I doubt that solicitor Wilson's claim that "He (craig) threw the first punch and ignored Dobson's pleas for him to leave, striking Dobson and two others in the room.," are completely accurate. There was probably much more to the altercation than that. But as the law stands, it is not illegal to taunt, belittle, or otherwise verbally abuse someone. However, if you tell them to leave, even if in an aggressive and taunting manner, and they do not, then the home owner has the right to use "Reasonable" force to protect themselves. Dobson's lawyers would argue that during the altercation that ensued, the only recourse Dobson had against Craig who was significantly larger than Dobson was his pocket knife. And any use of a weapon like that can have deadly consequences. But those cannot be mediated during an intense physical altercation. Hence the Solicitor deemed Dobson's actions "Reasonable." It is a very sad and tragic turn of events, but could have been avoid if craig simply walked away.

Anonymous said...

It is terrible what happened. All around. Craig sounds like a good guy who made a mistake. But I totally agree. If someone comes into youre house and refuses to leave and attacks you, you have every right to defend youreself. What if he had not of done that Craig could have beaten him to death. Its too bad though that he had too die.

iwasthere said...

It might be a year and a half later, and there probably isn't any point in posting this comment, but I was there. I saw the entire event transpire. Deadly force was not by any means "justifiable". There was 3 of us and 1 Craig. Craig might have been 4 inches taller, and 25 lbs heavier, but any 3 people that cannot physically handle any 1 person needs to be physically examined. Dobson decided to trip acid, and snort cocaine(at his mother's discretion)then stab 3 people. If it was self-defense, then why did everybody get stabbed? I can assure you that Travis had no agressive role in this situation, and Mary-Whilden is a female. I wouldn't fight Craig myself, but with 2 of my weakest friends, I think I could handle him. I have no doubt that Dobson's money will get him out of this situation unscathed. That's just the world we live in. The fact of the matter is Craig is dead, and Travis can barely eat a hamburger without taking a break. I'm not saying what they did was right or wrong, I'm saying that they are paying for what they did. I guess when you have as much money as the Dobson's do, you literally PAY for what you did. It's a tragedy that I have to live with every day. Remember Craig. Don't stop shreddin'.

Anonymous said...

lets not kid ourselves here.. crags death was as unjust as the legal system that protected his assaulters. Dobson has huge influence in charleston, both savages are tight with all judges especially corrupt old windbags like Dennis. This is the way our world works, the aristocracy of graft and pull versus truth and logic. What has happened to dobsons since, well last winter he was pulling knives on girls to steal their purses downtown.. Yet this kid is dead and those men are free. Enjoy it while u can system, cause Ive devoted my life and love of it to get to the day where you burn

Anonymous said...

Iwasthere.... u r a liar b/c the person u r saying u r would never say that. Why would u lie to prove a point??? Charlie, chris, and emory were the three people that were there and I really doubt that u r one of them. Yes, it sucks that he had to die but if u have to choose between ur family and the people u love or them? Who is it going to be??? Huh??? I bet ya that 100% of anybody would defend their family. That is not debateable. I know that charlie is deeply sorry for what happened in fact I know he thinks about it every day. Your home is your sanctuary and you havef the right to defend it. It hurts me that someone would say they were there to try to prove something!!! Look @ the facts of what happened. Find something better to do than make shit up punk!!!!